Favorite Things

Tanis Tzavaras


Every once in a while through my journey to living my best life I have needed a little help. Every one does. Tanis Tzavaras has helped me out twice now through her online coaching. Tanis is an IFBB Fitness Pro, gymnastics coach, certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach. She has set up meal plans for me to lose weight as well as strength training plans, and I have taken her 12 week wellness program.

Every day you begin your day with a motivational email to keep you learning—learning about nutrition, strength training, goal setting, keeping healthy, organizational skills, and over all well-being. You also do a lot of self-reflection, and learning about your self. You have to take a look at your own emotional well-being. This was the most important step in my journey. And if you falter or need some motivation Tanis is there every step of the way to help you keep going.


Tracy Elliott


Tracy Elliott is a photographer extraordinaire—there is nothing he can’t do. When you meet him you know instantly how much he loves his trade. I met Tracy when I decided to buy a DSLR camera and needed to learn to use it. An instructor at Mount Royal University in Calgary he teaches everything from the basics to portrait photography, sports, macro and outdoor. I have taken many of his classes and two workshops, and have used him for my own portraits. I now call him a friend and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tracy for any of your photography needs.

Kathy & Charley Wood


If you are looking for a different kind of European holiday beyond the hustle and bustle of the big cities then you may want to take a look at what european-experiences has to offer. My husband and I have travelled five times with them since 2008 and these vacations are probably the reason I have fallen in love with France and the French way of life. Below is a quote from their website.

“This is more than just a business for us! We know the needs, expectation and interests of travelers, because we’re travelers too.  We truly love sharing special places with others and creating unique experiences, lasting memories, and “best ever” vacations.”

This says it all about your next vacation and is why I now call them both my friends.

The Six-Figure Blogger


I just recently finished taking an online course from the Six Figure Blogger. This woman is amazing and is a huge inspiration to me. The course was so professionally done and gave me so much information that I never would have figured out on my own in such a short time; it was like business school all over again, but way more fun. So if you are at the point in life where you are thinking you might like to start up your own blog take a look at what she has to offer.

Alex also has two other blogs, Travel Fashion Girl and Work, Travel and Live that are both highly successful, and full of information. Please take a look.



I love to read. And I read books from all genres, both fiction and non-fiction. Some of my favorite authors are Ken Follett, Phillipa Gregory and Jeffrey Archer just to name a few. I also read non-fiction books that help me to figure out who I am and where I fit into this wonderful world of ours. Occasionally I find a book that is brilliant, or makes me sit up and think about life. These I will share with you. So, when you are inspired by something that I have written please take a look at Amazon.ca.

And as I’m sure you all know, Amazon is much more than just books. Take a look. I myself am a frequent Amazon shopper. They just had a super sale on for Prime members, and I stocked up on a number of things I just had to have.