Stan Peake – the epitome of a passion for life

Nov 21, 2016 | Life's Inspiration | 0 comments

Every once in a while you run across someone who exudes passion for life and is an inspiration to all those around him. In my opinion, Stan Peake is that man.

Through his 40 years he has been a football player, a coach, a teacher, a manager and business owner. He is happily married to Maria and they have an eight year old son. When he talks of his son, he told me that if ever their was love at first sight, it is the birth of his son.

Recently, after 21 years in the fitness industry, Peake decided that he needed to take yet another risk in his life and start over once again in his own business and another of his passions was let out—coaching. Everything he has done up to this point culminated in the realization that he was born to be a coach. He is now owner of inSite Performance Coaching where he coaches leaders and business owners from all walks of life. Peake also serves as a keynote speaker on a variety of topics in the areas of sales, success, business, and finding one’s purpose.

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I have known Peake for only five and one half short years. I think I knew he was the person he is after our first conversation. And now I can honestly say he is one of the most passionate and inspirational people I know. I am proud to call him friend. He is ever so humble and always has a kind word and a smile for everyone who crosses his path.

So what makes one become such a fine person—a coach, an inspiration to so many, a passionate person? I set out to find out what I could about Peake, and what makes him who he is today?

Peake grew up in a what he calls a “normal” family with a younger brother. His dad was a policeman and as a result of a very harsh childhood himself was a very kind loving father but at the same time a very strict disciplinarian. He says of his mother that she was put on this earth to be a mom. When he talks of his parents you can tell that he thinks very highly of them and they are still very much a part of his life.

Growing up Peake’s heroes included his dad and his maternal grandfather. In high school he had a football coach who in his words “taught us more about life than football.” He recalls when he was 18 years old and had an argument with his dad (as 18 year olds do) and brought the after effects of that fight with him to football practice. The coach set him straight about his actions and this one small event had a huge impact on Peake. His words resonate with him to this day.

After a neck injury brought his football career dreams to a staggering halt, Peake became involved in the fitness industry, first in Vancouver with Innovative Fitness in 2006. This is when he met Matt Young, who challenged him and became one of his mentors. This is where his passion for fitness was born. Peake says this was also the birth of his ever growing bucket list. He is constantly crossing things off and adding new ones.

When I asked Peake what he likes the best about his life so far he declared that in the immortal words of the song by Frank Sinatra “he did it his way.” And he stayed true to his own design and values. When he was coaching and in his business today he says he is so very happy when he can see that sparkle of light in one his client’s eyes when they finally reach their “ah ha” moment. He feels as though he is being instrumental in their success to a better life.

I asked Peake what I thought were four thought provoking questions.

What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life? Unequivocally he answered “not taking chances; not playing big”. His biggest fear is having regrets.

When you are 90 years old what will matter the most to you? “Family, and having a legacy—knowing that someone or something will be better for having me in their life.” One of the new items on Peake’s list of things to accomplish is to start a foundation. He wants to help men, become better men and better fathers.

What’s the difference between living and existing? Without hesitation, having a purpose!!

Where does the passion for life come from? “From seeing what life is without having passion.”


So in conclusion, what makes Peake a passionate person—it’s the love of his family, it’s knowing that he has a purpose in life, that he loves his work, that he has goals and that he is living his dreams. Peake has overcome huge adversities in his life, the last only four short months ago, after a serious bike accident. But through it all he kept his passion for life, because as he says “what’s the alternative?”

I held up a mirror and asked Stan what he saw. Other than his neck brace which at this point in his life is all encompassing, his response was that he liked what he saw! He is a good man, living a passionate life, doing what he is meant to do – coaching people to be and do their best.