The Love of My Life

Mar 14, 2016 | Life's Inspiration | 0 comments

My husband, Ron Warren. The man I always dreamed about,  I can’t imagine life without him. He is the most kind, considerate and loving person I know. He treats me like I have never been treated before. I joke about being a “princess” and yes he sometimes treats me like one, but he also treats me as an equal, like my opinion counts for something, like I am a capable of anything and that we are a team.  He is my biggest cheerleader whenever I take on new challenges. We want the same things in life, we compliment one another, and both agree that our lives are better because of each other.

But it wasn’t always this way for me. I dated men in my life that were definitely not right for me. The words tough, harsh, brash come to mind. What was I thinking? But I was looking in all the wrong places and anyone who paid any kind of attention was good enough for me. That strategy was not working for me and finally I clued in to my self sabotaging ways. So I gave up. I was okay with my life, I lived with my Mom and was self supportive, had a good life and was content to live my life this way.

So how did this come to be. One day, just before my 53rd birthday a friend asked if I’d like to meet someone. I actually had to think about it—did I want to go on yet another dead end date? No, yes, no, but finally I reluctantly agreed. He was a friend of one of her friends, very recently separated from his wife and wasn’t doing single well. After many questions and phone calls back and forth between the two friends—Did he smoke? Was he over weight?  Did he have a job?—I finally agreed to exchange phone numbers. I can remember that phone call well—Friday night, February 4, 2005. I was home alone enjoying my usual Friday night—pajamas, popcorn for dinner, glass of wine,  getting ready to watch a movie. The phone rings and it’s him. When asked about my evening, I told him the truth,  In his words he thought  “this poor girl needs to get out more.” We agreed to meet the next day at Chapters in Chinook Mall. I told him I would be the one in the bright orange jacket with the silver hair. We found one another and over coffee and an hour or so of what we thought was subtly prying information from each other we decided on a first date the following Wednesday.  We are so thankful to our friends Kristi and Audrey for setting this up.

We now refer to our first date as the interrogation night. We talked incessantly and asked really up-front personal questions. In the end we came away knowing that yes, there was an attraction and yes, this is the one for me.  So we started dating. Ron bought his condo in June and it wasn’t long before I was spending weekends with him. Those weekends slowly got longer and longer. In August of that year we went on vacation together and when we returned I moved out to Airdrie permanently. Life was bliss, and in November when he asked me to marry him I was ecstatic, and said yes, with no hesitation whatsoever.

Honestly, I had given up on ever getting married and here I am today with this totally amazing man whom I really truly love and who really truly loves me back. Now I realize that was then that I really started living my life.

We were married on February 21, 2006 in a simple civil ceremony with only four other people and my mom. This year we celebrated ten years and we still can’t believe how fulfilling our lives together are. We have had many adventures, and have many more adventures to come.

So you see, you really can find true love in later years. Never, ever rule it out.