Slow Travel – The Perfect Way to Start your Travel Adventures

Jun 4, 2016 | Travel | 0 comments

I’m sure many of you are in this boat. All your life you’ve wanted to go to Europe, but life got in the way, in one way or another. Now’s your chance, but you don’t know where to start. You don’t really want to do a 20 stop “this is Tuesday, it must be Belgium” tour. In fact, you really don’t want to go on a “tour” of any kind. Going it alone is a little or a lot scary. You don’t really even know where to start. And thought of navigating planes, trains and automobiles is throughing you in a tail spin. And then there’s the language barrier—how much French, or Spanish can I remember from high school.So…you decide it’s too much and you don’t go anywhere…again.

Here’s a solution—Slow Travel Tours.  Slow travel is a different kind of tour—one where you can actually relax and see what’s around you, where you can stop to smell the roses. They are small tour operators who offer personalized experiences where you can immerse yourself into the culture and history,  sights and sounds,  and people of the area. If you’re a photographer, if you’ve a passion for music, art, history, food and wine, there are tours for you. And you have your choice of countries—Scotland and England in the UK or if your choice is Europe then you have your choice of France, Italy, Croatia, Belgium, The Netherlands. There are so many choices it will be hard to choose which one to do first. Check out the website for all the details on all the tours.

My husband and I discovered European Experiences in 2008, one of the tours operating under the umbrella,  and have four times since.


We stumbled across them after watching the movie, A Good Year, with Russell Crowe. (Great movie, by the way, if you haven’t seen it). We wanted to know where the movie was filmed, so we “googled it” and there among the links was European Experiences. Our first year we went to the Luberon area of Provence in France. We made our way to Avignon on our own and were greeted by Kathy and Charley Wood on a beautiful sunny Saturday. From that moment on our every wish and desire for this vacation was fulfilled. It didn’t take us long to absolutely fall in love with this part of France. Our home for the week was a charming, family owned three star guest house, Le Clos Du Bois. From our room we had a spectacular view over the entire Luberon valley where we could see the surrounding villages perched high up on the hills. Every day we were whisked away by our hosts, Kathy and Charley for another adventure, each one more spectacular than the next.  We visited the most quaint and interesting villages and towns and markets that were just so “French”. We experienced fine dining as well as picnics in the valley. We visited wineries and drank some of the best tasting wine ever. And always our hosts were first class—Kathy with her knowledge of all things French and Charley with his unrelenting knowledge of the history of the area. There were twelve people on this trip and I know I can speak for everyone when I say we felt like Kathy and Charley were old friends. We even had the pleasure of meeting some of their friends and enjoying meals with them.




After our week with European Experiences we were hooked and since have been to the Cotswolds area in England, as well as the Dordogne region in France and of course a return to the Luberon area. It is because of Kathy and Charley Wood and European Experiences that we are planning on spending much more time there in this next chapter of our life.

So if you are hesitating over whether or not you want to go to Europe, take a look. You will be pleasantly surprised.