7 Ways a Positive Attitude Can Improve Your Life

Sep 11, 2016 | Turning 60 and Beyond | 0 comments

It’s the age old question: Is your cup half full, or half empty? If your cup is always half full, your positive attitude brings so many more benefits to your life and overall health than being a half empty person.

Here’s an example of what having negative emotions can do to you. Let’s say you are out walking in the jungle and you come across a tiger. This is where your fight or flight response comes in and you choose to run out of fear for your life. The stress you are feeling narrows your mind to think of nothing else other than getting out of harm’s way. In other words it narrows your mind and focuses your thoughts on the task at hand.  A good thing if you are running away from said tiger; but in everyday life not so good. If you find yourself always angry, upset with people, or always stressed out for some other reason these emotions will almost consume you to the point you can’t think of anything else. Being stressed all the time prevents you from seeing any other options.

The table below shows you the different thought processes between a positive and negative thinking person.

Negative Thoughts Positive Thoughts
 I can’t, I’ve never done this before.  Here’s my opportunity to learn something new.
 I don’t have the time.  What can I change to make time for this.
 There’s no way it will work.  I’ll figure it out and make it work.
 It’s too much of a change for me.  Let’s take a chance
 No one talks to me.  I’ll start the communication

I quit, I’m never going to get any better at this.

 I’ll try it one more time.


Positive people also have a greater capacity for love, joy and warmth that brings happiness into their lives, and also into the lives of their families and everyone else around them. It’s a proven fact that positive people attract positive people, and vice versa.

Here are seven other reasons for having a positive attitude.

  1. Relieve stress.
  2. Promote good health – you are more relaxed, calm and can sleep better
  3. It’s much easier to find solutions to your problems.
  4. You can make much better decisions.
  5. You are more successful in your endeavors.
  6. You are more confident.
  7. You smile more because you are happier.


But just because you choose to live a positive life doesn’t mean that you will never have any problems. Of course you will—but you will be better equipped to figure out what the solution. Today, in this world we need all the positivity we can find. Make a commitment to have a positive attitude and be a cup full person.


Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your life.