Are the Rules for Fashion for Women Over 60 Changing?

Jun 4, 2016 | Turning 60 and Beyond | 2 comments

Credit: Courtesy L’Oreal Paris


My question is about fashion for women over 60. Why do we have to dress differently than we have always dressed? Who comes up with these rules for fashion anyway? All of a sudden we can’t wear what we want to wear just because of our age.  All of sudden we are frumpy and don’t care what we look like. I say nonsense. We still want to look our best when we go out and we still like looking fashionable. Take a look at some of the famous over 60 icons to emulate—Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep and others.

Now I do think there are a few things in our closets that we should give up. Short shorts and halter tops and six inch heels are just one outfit that should be saved for the younger generation, unless of course you still have killer legs that you want to show off.

Alas, as we age there are some things about our bodies that are completely out of our control when it comes to dressing.  Our middle section has a mind of its own and unless we are so very diligent in our diet and fitness regime our bellies will expand, as is the case with our breasts and triceps getting droopier.  Everything seems to be defying gravity and falling. So now, some of us, for the first time in our lives need to be a little smarter about what we wear. One of the best and easiest ways to help you look better in your clothes is to wear a good fitting bra and underwear.


I say embrace your age. Wear classic looks, save the newer trends for the younger generation, many of them are geared towards them anyway. Too many women dress too young for their age—a sure sign that you are not the fashionista you thought you were. Personally, I think it is sending out the wrong message that you are grasping at the last of your youth that you feel is slowly slipping away. That’s not the impression you want people to think when they see you. Wear clothes that fit you properly, not way too big or too tight. Thank goodness for the untucked shirts and T-shirts look. It’s a great way to hide that expanding middle.  Lower the hemline to knee length and get rid of the six inch heels. Opt for smaller heels or even flats—I personally very seldom wear heels of any kind. And I love my pants, just make sure they are comfortable—not too tight around the waist. Pants styles are abundant…straight leg, wide leg and even crop pants in the warmer weather.


I have read and heard from others that women over 60 should hang up the leggings and even the blue jeans. I will say  that I am never giving up my jeans, or my leggings for that matter.  I love both of them and as long as they are properly fitting and you wear appropriate styles with them then in my humble opinion where them with pride.


In closing, fashion for women over 60 is not rocket science. We shouldn’t have to change our ways–continue to wear what you want, whether it be blue jeans and T-shirts, leggings with a long top, dresses or pants. Whatever you feel comfortable in. That’s the only rule of fashion that we as the over 60 women need to follow.