First Friday of 2016

Jan 11, 2016 | Turning 60 and Beyond | 0 comments


AN EPIC DAY!! Those of you who know me know that I am anxiously awaiting retirement, and have put in place a few ideas to transition into the day when I can retire from my everyday nine-to-five job. This blog is one of them.

Starting January 8, 2016 is another transition day. My first Friday off. Starting this year, I am only working four days a week.

Here’s how it went.

Up at 7:00 a.m. I made myself a substantial breakfast and headed for the gym—Good Life Fitness at Deerfoot Mall. First was RPM or Spin Class—50 minutes of a cardio butt-kicking workout set to some killer music that takes you on the stationary, sweaty, steady bicycle ride of your life. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Next was Body Pump—a tough strength workout that challenges all your major muscle groups by using weights, doing squats, presses, lifts and curls.

At 11:00, I left the gym thoroughly spent and headed to GNC for a power bar. Then to the grocery store to pick-up the needed supplies to make dinner.

Finally home again, where I indulged in two hot steamy cups of coffee (made all by myself, because as a lot of you know, Ron does this for me every morning). A much needed shower, lunch and now time to do my chores.

At 3:15 I finally finished after a whirlwind of activity cleaning house, sorting through papers and prepping dinner.

By that time I was exhausted and lie on the bed to read my book until time to make dinner. Sadly, Ron came home at 5:00 and found me sound asleep, book thrown aside and glasses perched on top of the blanket. And with dinner made.

But it was a good day, and I can’t tell you how I am looking forward to next Friday.