Give More Than You Take – the fifth and final secret

Aug 6, 2016 | Turning 60 and Beyond | 0 comments

We make a living by what we take, we make a life, by what we give.
Winston Churchill

The fifth and final secret to finding happiness in our lives is what you leave behind. Does your time on earth actually matter to someone or something? Is the world a better place because you were here? Now I don’t believe this means we have to live like Mother Theresa or Ghandi–but the more we give, the more we will find happiness and a sense of purpose in our own lives. It’s more about giving back to others, than what we receive.

I believe that as we get older we lose ourselves a bit, become invisible to a point, and the things that give us the most purpose are the other people around us in our lives. It could be your friends, your spouse, or your children and their grandchildren—or maybe your siblings and nieces and nephews.

I also believe that we need to have a greater compassion for humanity and the world and environment around us. We are only here on this earth for a spec of time in the big scheme of things. This was never made more evident to me when traveling to Europe from Canada where we witnessed the beauty of the churches, the museums, the history that is thousands and thousands of years old. It left me thinking about my own impact on the future generations and leaving this earth in a better way. It really is pretty insignificant. When we give more than we take, when we quit thinking only of ourselves and our problems we connect ourselves to this bigger picture. We will be happier and find our sense of purpose.

So after reading about the five secrets the biggest take home for me is that you have to follow your heart. But knowing that you have to follow your heart and actually doing it are two different things—the hardest part is in the doing. Izzo, in his book does an excellent job of giving tips on how to put the secrets into practice. And in conclusion he explains that once you incorporate these secrets into your life and live a wise and purposeful life your own mortality becomes a little less daunting.

Reading this book by John Izzo has been a revelation to me. The anecdotes from the people he interviewed are touching at times and fuIl of insight. I highly recommend reading it.

“John’s book is filled with wise, warm and soulful stories that are fierce with learning and discovery.”

_Duane Elgin, author of Promise Ahead and Voluntary Simplicity

I am now looking forward to reading his next book “Second Innocence” about rediscovering the wonder and joys of life at any age.