What Mature Women Know for Sure

Aug 13, 2016 | Turning 60 and Beyond | 2 comments

As a mature woman, closer to 65 in chronological years than I was yesterday, there are a few things I know for sure that younger women will never understand…yet. It’s become a necessary ritual for me every morning. While I’m brushing my teeth I start checking in my ten times magnifying mirror for that one stray black hair on my face and neck that has appeared over night. Sometimes if I miss, it can be an inch long before I notice. Someone once told me that if you get the hair by the root it won’t grow back. Don’t believe it. If that’s true then why does that same hair on my chin keep showing up to taunt me.
That beautiful body that you have been blessed with will not be there forever—especially if you do nothing now. When I was in my 20’s I weighed somewhere around 120 pounds and had all the right curves in all the right places. I maybe would have liked to have bigger breasts, but it never happened. It seemed to me, as I’m sure with many other women of my generation that every ten years I noticed a little more weight gain. At the time I thought nothing of it—what’s a few pounds. Until one day I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize that woman any longer.

I know this from experience. You see I was a certified couch potato and lover of all things bad for you. My stomach still does the happy dance when it gets the occasional potato chip. One day somewhere around 50 I had an epiphany and decided maybe I should get off my much larger butt and do something about it. Now, 15 years later I am more active than I even dreamed of but that shapely body is long gone, and it’s never coming back. Another caution, even though I work out now and eat right (no more steady diet of chips and pop) it takes much longer to see results. So, the moral of the story is, you may not like what’s happening to your body but get over it – it’s happening, and it will get worse as you get older if you choose to do nothing.
You don’t necessarily have to look for the most handsome man out there as your life partner. Just find a good nice man. Believe me a lot of frogs were kissed  before I found the right man for me. I finally took the advice of a very wise woman who told me to make a list of all the attributes I wanted and those I couldn’t tolerate in a partner.  She also advised me to make it when I was not in a relationship. Very good point! I made that list and it was a long one, but in the end I found the most perfect man and you know what—he had a list too.
You may one day find yourself alone. It’s sad to think about, but it’s so very true. There are two things you have to learn here. Learn to love yourself, and learn to be alone. And learn the difference in being alone and being lonely. Make sure you keep those ever necessary girlfriends in your life. I envy those women who have the girlfriends they had since high school days. They are the lucky ones. You need those women friends in your life to help make those big decisions, like which little black dress is the best choice, and is this red lipstick too red. And to cheer you on when you are buying yet another pair of shoes. Only another woman can understand and help with these necessary decisions.

So take heed my young friends—food for thought! And to all my mature woman friends, I think you understand what I’m talking about. Do you have any other insights that we should share with our younger counterparts?

Susan Sarandon