Retirement is Coming!

Sep 9, 2017 | Turning 60 and Beyond | 0 comments

The day I retire from my every day nine-to-five work day is getting near. I’ve been ready and thinking about it for a long long time—too long in fact (but that’s another story). If you are a Game of Thrones fan you know the omninous phrase “Winter is Coming”. Well Retirement is Coming is what keeps running through my head.

But now that it is actually getting closer I am getting a little panicky. What am I going to do with myself? I had dinner with a girlfriend last week who asked me that very question and continued with another, “Am I sure?” It was the very first time I actually reiterated those words in my outside voice to anyone. Am I sure?

I have it all mapped out in my head. First, we are going on a dream vacation until after Christmas and once the new year comes around I have so many plans. Tasks around the house, more writing, pursuing my photography more in depth, tutorials, going to the gym, more cooking, to name but a few. But, is that going to be enough? I don’t know. And I keep on wondering “What’s behind that door?”

It used to be, in my parents day, that retirement was the resting stage of life before you die but with the changing paradigm on retirement, it is definitely not like that anymore. Today retirement isn’t a destination. Today more and more people look at retirement as part of a continuing life journey. I believe that, and am planning on doing my best to prove that.nI believe that in order to thrive in this journey called life there are three things we need to be happy.

  • Growth
  • Purpose
  • Connection

So today I have to ask “How do I keep myself growing, what is my purpose and how do I keep connected?” Right now, I don’t have the answers to all those questions. But I am convinced that I will conquer them one step at a time. By asking this question “What is my next”?

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.